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Got your car key jammed in the ignition lock? Worry not, because Central Lock Key Store can help you! We have been providing high quality key cutting services to the people of Chula Vista, CA since past 10 years. Our services have been used by thousands of clients, and we get calls every day for spare home keys, car keys, missing key replacements, and key cuttings. Since we operate our own array of vehicles that are equipped with state of the art locksmith tools and gadgets we are able to send help in a matter of minutes. Our locksmiths are also highly talented to get the job done in minimum time.

Why You Should Trust Only Professionals for Key Cutting Services?

Locks these days are not that simple. Majority of the locks have complex mechanisms, and several layers of security. If a key gets broken inside, or if gets jammed then not only the locksmith has to extract it, but he also has to cut a spare key. The keys that many locks use have intricate patterns for high security. Unless a locksmith has good level of finesse he can't cut a sharp key. This is why you must always trust only professionals. The technicians of Central Lock Key Store are skilled enough to work with all kinds of keys, including laser keys and metal keys.

Quality That Comes With Perfection

If there is one thing that Central Lock Key Store is known for, it is quality. We leave no stone unturned whenever a service request is accepted by us. By following a methodical approach and choosing the best solution for every situation we ensure that the customer gets the best service or product.

Central Lock Key Store offers a wide range of key cutting services that include but are not limited to:Central Lock Key Store Chula Vista, CA 619-210-7025

  • Master keys
  • Magnetic keys
  • Transponder keys for cars
  • Abloy keys
  • Zeiss keys
  • High security automobile keys
  • Keys for pin based locks
  • Internal cut or laser key

If you seek professional locksmith services but worry about high costs then you can always choose Central Lock Key Store. We offer best services at affordable prices. Just give us a call anytime you need help. Our technicians will arrive at your place within 15 minutes!